Everything will be Free Like Hell...
Deadly Dentists S01E02 Dental Plan ID WEB h264-SHRPY

Season 01, Episode 02 - "Dental Plan"
Dr. Roman Rezanowicz has the perfect marriage, wonderful kids, and a successful dental practice. When it all unravels and his wife is found dead of an apparent suicide, police uncover a shocking multi-year plan filled with deceit, deception and murder.


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Deadly Dentists S01E01 Local Fracture ID WEB h264-SHRPY

Season 01, Episode 01 - "Local Fracture"
Dentist John Yelenic is thrilled when he meets the love of his life, Michelle. Ten years later, however, the veneer of their happy life crumbles when it's time to sign the divorce papers and police are called to the scene of a homicide.


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Deadly Dentists S01E00 Concealed Abscess ID WEB h264-SHRPY

True stories of dentists involved in murder.

Season 01, Episode 00 - "Concealed Abscess"
Dr. Glenn Engleman cares for his South St. Louis neighbors for decades, even as crime increases in the area; when murder strikes several people close to him, detectives discover more going on in Engleman's world than originally believed.


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