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Salvage Dawgs S08E09-E12 HDTV x264-NY2

Season 08, Episode 09 - "Navy SEAL Boat"
The Salvage Dawgs travel to a shipyard in Norfolk, VA, to salvage a boat once used for Navy SEAL insertions. The Dawgs manage to salvage some key items, but their energy and patience is tested once they realize the boat won't fit on the trailer

Season 08, Episode 10 - "Cosby Brothers Mill"
Mike and Robert give Tay a history lesson with an old dentistry x-ray machine before the team loads up for a project in Grottoes, VA. They start at Cosby Brothers Mill where they hope to salvage some old mill parts if they can figure out a way to safely get them from the third story. Mike and Robert then travel up the road to see what can be done with an old repurposed barn. Tay and Mike start a kitchen desk build back at the shop with some old salvage materials.

Season 08, Episode 11 - "Splitting Up Jobs"
Robert sends Tay and Grayson to salvage on their own in Salem, Virginia, until the crew comes together to help finish the job. Mike and Ted travel to Norfolk, VA, to pick up a special nautical structure for a client, then Tay and Mike build a nautical chandelier for the same buyer.

Season 08, Episode 12 - "Parkville Farmhouse"
The team heads to Parkville, MD, to salvage a classic farmhouse. Working on the outside the Dawgs remove steel from the front porch, doors, and windows while indoors they work to remove radiators, banisters and wainscoting. With the house picked clean, Mike rewards the Dawgs with indoor skydiving! Once back in the shop, Mike and Tay build an ironwood coffee table.




Salvage Dawgs S08E07E08 HDTV x264-NY2

Season 08, Episode 07 - "Return to Delaware"
The team faces cold winter weather as they attempt to quickly salvage as much as possible from an old church in Laurel, DE. Robert, Mike and Tay work together to remove large stained glass and figure out a way to get it back to the store with minimal damage. Grayson and Grace test their skills at successfully salvage ceiling tiles and doors. Later, Mike has his eye on a trolley and Tay has a great idea for a build that's shaping up to look like an outhouse.

Season 08, Episode 08 - "Former Dixie Furniture Plant"
Mike starts the day sharing his most recent find with the team - an antique cash register - before beginning work on a handle cart coffee table with Tay and Patrick. Later, the team travels to a vacant furniture plant in Lexington, NC, where they work in near-darkness salvaging conveyor belts, fire doors, veneer molds, factory carts and industrial lights.



Salvage Dawgs S08E03E04 HDTV x264-NY2

Season 08, Episode 03 - "Lerner House"
The crew travels to Orange, VA, to salvage a 1930s brick mansion, including its columns and windows. Then, Mike and Robert return General George C. Marshall's door to the Virginia Military Institute while Tay and Mike build a coffee table from a door used in the barracks.

Season 08, Episode 04 - "Peacock Salem Cleaners"
The Dawgs stay close to home to salvage the old Salem Peacock Cleaners in Salem, Virginia. Over 100 years old, the building is filled with antique laundromat parts that the crew carefully removes, including a fur fumigator door, steam press and soapstone sink. With a full truck, the team loads up and heads back to Roanoke so Tay and Grayson can begin making a ladder wine rack.



Salvage Dawgs S08E01-E02 WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 08, Episode 01 - "Former United Methodist Church"
The Salvage Dawgs head to Laurel, DE, to salvage what they can from a former Methodist church that fell victim to water damage. The team removes pews and a skylight before heading back to the shop to work on a beam console.

Season 08, Episode 02 - "Peanut Silo Salvage"
The Salvage Dawgs hesitantly take on a Peanut Silo Salvage in Skippers, VA. After a rather precarious roof removal, they devise a different plan to dismantle the silos while keeping them intact.


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