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Digging For Britain S06E04 The Horsemen of Hadrians Wall WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 6, Episode 4 - "The Horsemen of Hadrians Wall "
In this special, Professor Alice Roberts reveals the forgotten story of the Roman Army's secret weapon in Britain - their cavalry. These fearsome horsemen were the key to defending Britain's most famous Roman monument fortification, Hadrian's Wall.Alice sets off across Hadrian's Wall to investigate any evidence the Roman cavalry left behind, while a team of archaeologists and historical re-enactors attempt to re-stage a Roman cavalry tournament - a spectacle that no one has seen for over 1,600 years.To put the cavalry's story in context, the film also explores the latest archaeological digs happening across the UK, each of which is searching for new evidence of the Roman cavalry.On her journey across Hadrian's Wall, Alice visits some of the most iconic sites associated with the Roman cavalry, including Chester's Roman fort, Vindolanda fort and museum and Hexham Abbey. Along the way she builds a picture of the horsemen's lives here on the northern frontier of the Roman Empire.


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Blitz The Bombs That Changed Britain S01E03 Clydebank WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 1, Episode 3 - "Clydebank"
The story of a tight-knit community of ship builders and factory workers in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, and how their lives were changed by the bombings of March 1941. The documentary focuses on the after-effects of one particular explosive, which destroyed number 78 Jellicoe Street, killing 15 members of the Rocks family. Surviving relatives and friends recall how they were deeply affected by the events, and how the return of the bombers led to a mass exodus from the town.


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Digging For Britain S06E03 North WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 6, Episode 3 - "North"
Professor Alice Roberts explores some of this year's most exciting archaeological finds from the north of Britain. Each discovery comes straight from the site, filmed by the archaeologists themselves. Alice discovers the well-preserved writing tablets, swords and domestic items left by Romans at Vindolanda during a time of British rebellion. On the Scottish island of Iona, there are traces of a long-lost monastery and pilgrimage site that was originally built by the legendary saint Columba, and has been compared to Jerusalem. In the east of Scotland, a weapons hoard belonging to a wealthy Bronze Age warrior is unearthed.


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Blitz The Bombs That Changed Britain S01E02 720p HDTV x264-QPEL

Season 1, Episode 2 - "Hull"
This second episode explores the ramifications of a bomb that fell on 6th Avenue in the port city of Hull, flattening two houses and changing the lives of two families. The Taylors lost baby Peter and 14 year-old Vera was very badly burned. Her sisters Doreen and Tina remember that terrible night and it is the first time they have talked about the trauma they endured.


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Blitz.The.Bombs.That.Changed.Britain.S01E02.HDTV.x264-RBB [P2P]
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Digging For Britain S06E01-E02 WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 6, Episode 1 - "West"
Professor Alice Roberts explores some of this year's most exciting archaeological finds from the west of Britain. Each discovery comes straight from the trenches/site, filmed by the archaeologists themselves. We discover the camp from which Vikings invaded Britain, and find groundbreaking new evidence that the world-famous Avebury stone circle isn't just a sacred site but a place where our ancestors lived and worked - a discovery that's also changing our understanding of neighbouring Stonehenge. In Staffordshire, the oldest Iron Age gold in Britain is unearthed - a set of beautiful gold torcs, mysteriously abandoned 2,500 years ago.

Season 6, Episode 2 - "East"
Professor Alice Roberts explores some of this year's most exciting archaeological finds from the east of Britain. Each discovery comes straight from the trenches/site, filmed by the archaeologists themselves.We unearth the biggest collection of Roman writing tablets in Britain, giving insight into what Roman London was really like. Off the coast of Kent, we dive into the English Channel to complete the biggest marine excavation since the Mary Rose - an 18th-century East India Company ship, packed with silver. Also in Kent, we're on the detective trail to find the very first evidence of Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain - an ancient fort scattered with human skulls and weapons.


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Blitz The Bombs That Changed Britain S01E01 720p HDTV x264-QPEL

During the Blitz over 450,000 bombs dropped on Britain and every bomb has its own story. This series examines the specific effect of four bombs, from their initial impact on individual lives right through to their wider consequences for the Second World War and all the way to the present day. Each episode begins with a single bomb in a single street in a single place - London, Hull, Clydebank and Bristol. Across the series incredible personal testimony, gut-wrenching memoirs and the meticulous records kept at the time provide a visceral and terrifying account of the Blitz that directly connects with the human experience of the bombs. As survivors and relatives attest, these bombs touched the lives of everyone and created a legacy we all still live with today.

Season 01, Episode 01  
Episode one follows a bomb that fell on Martindale Road in the East End of London on the first night of the Blitz. Stan Harris and Norman Pirie were boys in 1940, but their memories of that fateful night are crystal clear.


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Car Crash Britain Caught On Camera S02E04 720p HDTV x264-BARGE

This episode includes the man who nearly gets taken out by an unsecure load on a van, more road rage incidents, and the man taking lessons in how to handle aquaplaning after his terrifying incident on the motorway.


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Britain Killer Kids S01E01 Daniel Bartlam PDTV x264-PLUTONiUM

With over 26 years experience working with kids, Jo Frost firmly believes that children are not born evil, but what is it that drives a child to kill? Why do some people believe that there are those who are pure evil from birth? When is a child criminally responsible for their acts? Should a child of ten years old be convicted of murder? Jo aims to answer these difficult questions through the cases she uncovers in each episode, the experts she meets and those people close to the crimes who tell these tragic stories.

Season 1, Episode 1 - "Daniel Bartlam"
arenting expert and experienced nanny Jo Frost explores the psychology and motives of child murderers, investigating whether some children are really born evil.