Everything will be Free Like Hell...
Point Blank 2016 HC Eng Subs x264-NoGRP


In German with English Hardcoded subtitle.

Appears to have been a TV Movie and has been reconstructed into a 2 part mini-series, 58 and 38 minutes

Berlin-based undercover agent, Klaus Roth, finds himself dangerously conflicted when he must befriend Luka, a small-time crook to infiltrate a Serbian crime organization involved with sports betting.

Season 1, Episode 1
Klaus befriends ringleader Goric's nephew Luka, but when gang warfare breaks out, the entire case, and Klaus's safety, is thrown into jeopardy.

Season 1, Episode 2
Klaus is brought in on a million-dollar deal but unsuspecting of those closest to him, he once again finds himself in grave danger in his new, double life.


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