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Art Passion and Power The Story of the Royal Collection E01 WEB-DL x264-JIVE

In a major new series, Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the history of the Royal Collection, one of the largest and most important art collections in the world, built up over 500 years.Containing over a million items - its masterpieces by Van Dyck, Holbein, Leonardo da Vinci, Vermeer and Canaletto line the walls of Windsor Castle, Hampton Court and many other palaces, museums and institutions around Britain.

Season 01, Episode 01 - "Dangerous Magic"
The first programme focuses on the works acquired by the collection's founders - Henry VIII and Charles I. Henry VIII tried to overwhelm with magnificence, believing that great art projected power. For Charles I art was a way to compete with other kings through taste, and Andrew reveals how this doomed monarch became the greatest royal collector in British history.


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Great Art ITV S01E02 HDTV x264-JIVE

Season 1, Episode 2 - "The Impressionists and the Man Who Made Them"
Monet, Cézanne, Degas, Renoir: some of the world's most popular artists. Their works, and that of their contemporaries, fetch tens of millions of dollars around the globe. But who were they really? Why & how exactly did they paint? What lies behind their enduring appeal?


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The Art That Made Mexico S01E02 Power WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 1, Episode 2 - "Power"
In this second episode, Alinka argues indigenous artists not only projected the power of the elites in its ancient civilisations but became power-brokers in the struggles for political dominance. Power has changed hands quickly and often violently in Mexico and Alinka looks at how art has played an extraordinary role in providing a national story of unity and stability.From Diego Rivera, who painted a spectacular sweep of Mexican history as he and the government who commissioned him wanted it understood to Frida Kahlo, who used her considerable influence to make the personal political in gender politics and who amplified indigenous voices. Alinka also investigates how today, nowhere is it more important to express Mexican power and identity than at its borders, such as in Tijuana, where the creativity is fired by matters of everyday politics and the proximity to the US.


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Vintage Flip S02E13 Art Deco Bungalow WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 02, Episode 13 - "Art Deco Bungalow"
Jessie and Tina dive into restoring a 1923 art deco bungalow in Ontario, CA. While the property is in a great neighborhood, the house itself is a confusing mishmash of styles. Will Jessie and Tina be able to sift through decades of renovations and bring this charming bungalow back to its 1920s roots?


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The Art That Made Mexico S01E01 Paradise WEB-DL x264-JIVE

In this three-part series, artist Alinka Echeverria explores how, across the millennia, three major forces have propelled change and made their mark on Mexico.

Season 1, Episode 1 - "Paradise"
Alinka Echeverria reveals the way in which Mexican artists shook off European artistic influence to find a distinctive voice, expressed through landscape painting, and reconnected with pre-Hispanic subject matter. The murals of Teotihuacan and illustrated Aztec codices show how nature was the reference point for their worldview, their power structures and their calendars. But following the conquest in the 16th century, the Spanish 're-educated' indigenous artists to aspire to European aesthetics, and for nearly 300 years after conquest, the art of what was called New Spain looked a lot the art of old Spain.A century after independence in 1810, artists began to depict Mexico's ancient foundation myths, including the symbolic volcanoes that dominate the Valley of Mexico. Indigenous people, their land and lives were no longer taboo. Following the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910, landscape paintings established a new style that was resolutely Mexican, and confirmed the re-established connections between Mexico's indigenous population and their land. Forces of nature and Mexico's landscape continue to be integral to the Mexican sense of artistic identity.


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Revolution New Art For A New World BBC WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Drawing on the collections of major Russian institutions, contributions from contemporary artists, curators and performers, and personal testimony from the descendants of those involved, the film brings the artists of the Russian avant-garde to life. It tells the stories of artists like Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich and others - pioneers who flourished in response to the utopian challenge of building a new art for a new world, only to be broken by implacable authority after 15 short years.Stalin's rise to power marked the close of this momentous period, consigning the avant-garde to obscurity. Yet the Russian avant-garde continues to exert a lasting influence over art movements up to the present day. The film confirms this, exploring the fascination that these colourful paintings, inventive sculptures and propaganda posters retain over the modern consciousness 100 years on.It was filmed entirely on location in Moscow, St Petersburg and London, with access to the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the State Hermitage Museum and in co-operation with the Royal Academy of Arts, London. The film features paintings previously banned and unseen for decades, and masterpieces which rarely leave Russia.


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